The Spoils of Bookbinding (or The Evolution of a Handmade Journal)

When I decided to bind my first book a few days ago, I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d immerse myself in the process. After the second book I decided I wanted to include a pocket to store found media and other ephemera.

Mini Envelope TemplateSome time ago I’d purchased a stencil for making the most adorable mini envelopes–I figured I could just glue one of those envelopes to the interior back cover of the journal and be done with it.

However, there were a couple problems with the idea: 1) the envelope would have to be glued with the seam facing out so the flap could closed, which meant any cute designs on the front would be concealed; and 2) even the largest size was still too mini for my journal.

What to do? What to do? Simple: Create my own template. And after a bit of calculator magic, I had an envelope that could be pasted on without ruining the design with unseemly seams and large enough to accommodate most pieces of scrap.

Journal PocketIt was basic, but it worked. A couple more journals later, I decided I wasn’t content with the 3 hole binding method–not for such large journals–and expanded it to a 7 hole method using the 3 hole principles.

But it still wasn’t quite good enough. Something was still missing. The journal could still be improved. So I decided I’d like to create a 7 hole bound journal with pocket using only a single sheet of paper. With a little more calculator magic, a straight edge ruler, and a sharp pencil, SUCCESS!

Finished Journal with Pocket
Finished Journals

Now I really must stop making these journals and actually start writing in them. (Or, at very least, decorating them.)

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