SFP: Love, In Reverse (Novella) Chapter 2

Time to get back to writing…

I’ve been procrastinating long enough and I haven’t posted up a Shitty First Paragraph in a while, so, now is as good a time as any. Since I’m finishing up the last few chapters (bouncing around) of Love, In Reverse before I move on to editing, it seemed like a good candidate.

Saturday, 2 July, 8:12PM

“You look gorgeous.” Tessa started and turned around. Her mom leaned against the doorframe, smiling. Tessa had only seen that look on her mother’s face a few times before, a mixture of pride and awe. And each time, it left Tessa with knots in her stomach. She smiled and set the brush down on the dresser. Her mother straightened and continued, “Although I don’t think your father’s going to be too excited to see you in that dress.”

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