A Publishing Schedule (I’m Just Thinking Out Loud…)

This blog is updated erratically. That must change.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing this blog, it’s just that my mind jumps around quite a bit and sometimes I become so paralyzed by the possibilities that I don’t get around to writing at all (or I do and the result is…erratic). But I’ve been thinking about this blog and my hopes for it and realize it needs a tighter focus, but I still want it to incorporate all the things I enjoy: writing, reading, art.

With that thought bouncing around in my head, I decided I should sit down and sketch out a rough publishing schedule with planned topics. Part of the reason I didn’t do this sooner is because I had a strange notion that blogs (well, certain blogs under which my blog fell) should be spontaneous and shouldn’t be planned lest they become dull and uninspiring. What a silly notion that was. Because I now realize that this blog’s posts can be planned and still be inspiring and fun.

As it stands I’ve planned out a 7 day publishing schedule with a different area of focus for each day. One feature I’m particularly excited about is the (Short) Short Story Sunday where I plan to publish 5,000 (or fewer) word short stories based on story cubes or an inspiring picture. I also hope to open this up to other authors who may wish to participate. I figure it could be a fun writing exercise.

For now I’m happy with the proposed publishing schedule and I am praying it doesn’t become an exercise in futility.

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