The Writing

Below you’ll find a list of the works available for download. Files are available in three formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. If you’re using a Kindle, download the MOBI file.

Erica's Funeral Cover Erica’s Funeral: A Story
A mother, carrying out a final wish, recounts her daughter’s unorthodox funeral. (This story doesn’t contain coarse language, explicit situations, or violence.)

Approximately 1100 words (4 pages)

Price: Free
Download: PDF | EPUB | MOBI
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Works in Progress

From time to time, you’ll probably see a SFP or excerpts from the works listed below, however, they’re not yet available for download or public consumption.

The Night Princesses: A re-imagining of The Three Black Princesses as told by The Brothers Grimm. And when I say a re-imagining, I truly mean it. I’d be surprised if anything (aside from the princesses) of the original story remains.

The Fire Bearer: An experimental young adult supernatural horror/drama set in a society where the dead walk among the living. Through an unfortunate event at her mother’s Rite of Burning, sixteen-year-old Liliana Archer is tasked with righting a wrong that was committed before she was even born, and if she succeeds, it could mean salvation for all of humankind, living and dead alike.

Love, In Reverse (novella): When her family moves to a new city and state, Teresa meets a new best friend, and falls in love, but doesn’t realize how sharply her life will turn. A cautionary tale of love gone wrong. (Download Chapter 1, PDF 5 pgs.)

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