SFP: Night Princesses, Chapter 13

It’s about time I break out of my writing funk and reacquaint myself with The Night Princesses. Chapter 12 is done, but in sore need of some serious editing. However, the goal here is to keep moving forward. I can always go back and fix later, so, at most, the only thing I can do is go back and jot little notes in the margin for things I want to change.

And without further ado, the SFP for chapter 13, in which Bria is now striking out on her own and Ivor becomes a tyrant…oh, how exciting! (Eventually I should start drawing little pictures that go along with these snippets.)

The laden basket weighed down Bria’s arms. She wished she’d have taken up Ilear on her offer to send Res and Revi. They were young and thin, but surely they were able-bodied enough to handle the load, at least partway. But it was too late and bellyaching would get her nowhere. She could only hope her meager provisions would be enough to sustain them a while longer, at least until Ilear was able to afford her own provisions.

It’s clear from that opener I was in a writing funk, but as I worked through the chapter, I slowly came out of it and sure enough, I’m proud of what I have so far. Although I didn’t intend it to be, it’s turned into a mini character study revealing who these two characters are at their core, and it turns out Bria is much stronger than I thought and Ivor much weaker.

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