SFP: Night Princesses, Continuing Chapter 11

Progress, progress, progress. That’s what I’m making. Hooray!

I was able to finish not only chapter 9, but also chapter 10. Now I’m working on chapter 11, which will be sponsoring today’s SFP. Actually, it will be the first three paragraphs since the first two are pretty sparse, being dialogue and all.

“Where have you been?” Ivor asked as soon as Bria walked through the front door.

She looked away from him and readjusted her shawl. “I was at home.”

Ivor’s nostrils flared. What tenuous hold he had on his temper was lost; he slammed his fist into the table. “That’s not your home. This–” he gestured around the room “–is your home. You are not to go back there again. What do I have to do to make you understand, Bria? Should I have one of the sentries burn it down?” He wavered on the final sentence, afraid she might say yes, afraid that he might actually have to burn it down, the last place he’d seen his son laughing. But, if it came to that, at least he still had his memories. Bria should have been content that she had those as well.

I’m about halfway through chapter 11, but oddly enough, I’m going to set it aside for a moment and start working on chapter 12. (I can do that because the chapters alternate between two different storylines. Sort of.)

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