Wordless Wednesday 007

The World Loves a Clown

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6 Responses to Wordless Wednesday 007

  1. Meryl says:

    I know the world loves a clown and yours is beautiful. I am just sorry he looks so sad :-(

  2. Both of my daughters were terrified of clowns — but they might make an exception for this cute clown, if he would only smile!

  3. Allison says:

    Amazing drawing. You really can feel what that clown feels!

  4. Dawn says:

    The drawing itself is beautiful. Perhaps he is sad about the size of his afro. Or maybe he just lost a bunch of his other balloons. Either way, I like it. (Though my brother certainly wouldn’t.) Happy WW!

  5. Rhonda Albom says:

    Fantastic drawing. Makes me think of my mom who loved clowns. Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)

  6. tracy says:

    super cute. although i can’t get the strange idea that he has two watermelons under his shirt out of my head. ;)

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