The Astral Stalker

Last night I had the strangest dream (actually, one in a long string of them it seems). It was filled with tension and bad things happening, but I don’t really think of it as a nightmare.

Anyway, when I woke up, it lingered as dreams of that type have a tendency to do and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might make for an interesting story element.

Since I’ve been awake for a long while, I can only pluck the most potent bits from my subconscious mind. But I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

I was in a school. It was an assembly of some sort, but it was taking place in the cafeteria instead of the auditorium. When we found out who the special guest was, I and two friends went to meet him. The other kids were excited, but they apparently didn’t know about the secret back way where I and two other friends went.

The man poked his head out of the car and one of the girls with me went a little mad with delight. I, at first, didn’t recognize him, then the girl said, “Yeah, that’s him! Emmy Lee!” (Or something of the sort. I am fairly certain, though, that Emmy was part of the name.)

We introduced ourselves to the man and got to accompany him for his grand entrance. When the doors to the cafeteria opened and he walked in, there was nothing but a bunch of stunned teenage faces, some were even stretching their necks to look behind him, and some still looked confused.

Apparently they had been waiting for Lee Emmy, not Emmy Lee. But we (the three girls who went to meet him) all feigned outrage because he was a pioneer of some-super-geeky-thing-that-I-can’t-recall-right-now.

Fast forward, I became good friends with this Emmy Lee person, but it all went to hell when some strange event happened. (I can’t remember that event either, but I know it was a betrayal of my trust.) Shortly after the event, I realized something of mine was missing. He’d taken it. (Again, I don’t remember what was taken, but I believe it was a shoe.)

Fast forward again, the whole Emmy Lee situation is behind me and I’m going about my business, still a little sore from prior events, but not letting it get the best of me. Then, betrayal strikes again. One of the girls I thought was a good friend ends up ambushing me (in true Hollywood Blockbuster style) and after I defeat her, I’m going through my room only to realize that my phone is missing. At first I thought she took the entire Internet modem, phone base, and answering machine, but it was just a single handset.

After some sleuthing I came to realize that there was another, unseen party involved. Someone was blackmailing these people close to me so they’d steal certain objects from me because…get this…they allowed this person to see certain aspects of my life psychically. For instance, the shoe let the person see wherever I was and the phone let the person hear whatever I was saying.

I only found out because this person was using another individual to get more of my personal belongings and I forced them to tell me what the deal was. Basically, I was being astrally stalked.

Freaky, but kinda cool, right?

Maybe I’ll actually write a short story called The Astral Stalker.

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