90 Second Review: Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Houglass by Myra McEntire cover Teenage X-men of time travel with a soupçon of romance? Excellent idea and a nice respite from the supernatural YA fare. However, an excellent idea does not a good book make. Although it’s a quick and easy read, cardboard characters who are all–amazingly enough–“gorgeous” (yes, even the villains), a romance with little actual courtship, and too much wangst bog down what otherwise would have been a fun and entertaining read. (Absolutely adore the cover, though.)

Personal rating: 2/5 Stars

*I’m actually torn on the star rating because I enjoyed where the plot was going, but the cruft was irksome. I’m inclined to say it’s worth reading, but it may be a library (or steal from a friend) read.

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