NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 1 Wrap Up

Wow. Where did the day go? Oh, yeah, that’s right…I spent 99% of it dillydallying.

I went shopping. Found some awesome soap, grabbed a birthday present for my niece, and came up with an amazing idea: THE MAGIC PEN. You read correctly, I decided I would make myself a magic NaNoWriMo pen (and possibly a notebook, too). So I went shopping for those supplies.

Then I got home, looked at the clock, realized that if I didn’t start, I wouldn’t finish. So I paused the making of my magic pen…

My Unfinished Magic Pen

…and decided to write.

Well, luckily I managed to yank a miracle from my ass and finished my first 1800(-ish) words before the clock struck midnight.

And in keeping with my shitty first paragraph theme (hmmm…haven’t posted one in a while), I shall provide the first paragraph from the NaNoWriMo Novel (as yet untitled) Day 1:

From the clouds, she watched them. She watched as they flowed from their homes into their vehicles, down their streets to their destinations. She thought about what it must be like for them, to live; to have such freedom shackled by their routines. Sometimes she’d see one of them laugh. She liked that the best. They’d throw their heads back with abandon, their mouths would open so wide it seemed they could swallow the whole of creation and tears would sometimes gather in the corner of their eyes. The first few times she saw them laugh she feared for them because the expression was too close to that of pain. Soon enough she learned to decipher the difference. She wished she could hear them, though. Sometimes the peddler would tell her of their words and stories. She loved listening to the peddler because he was the only one in all of the court who didn’t dismiss her curiosity in the race below as a passing fancy. But without the peddler and his stories, she had to imagine what they said to each other.

OK. So, I know it’s long and rambly and all kinds of confusing. But hey, it’s NaNoWriMo…it’s not supposed to make sense yet.

Maybe I’ll be able to finish the magic pen tomorrow. (It’s supposed to be A LOT more sparkly.) And if I do, I’ll post pictures…with a proper explanation.

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