Ex-Library Book Easter Eggs as Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I ordered a couple of books from the United Kingdom. They arrived a short time ago. When I started to read one of them, something stuck out…a small piece of paper, folded tightly.

When I unraveled it, there was a brief message: Justine is allowed to bring in some make-up on Thursday. Miss Vince. I decided to flip through the remaining pages and found another one, slightly more ominous: I can’t take it anymore!


I decided to glue the scraps into my commonplace for future reference. But beyond the obvious questions the notes prompted, they got me thinking more deeply about the people behind them. Who wrote them? (Was it really Miss Vince or was it one of Justine’s friends?) Why? And why stick them in a library book?

They may seem arbitrary, but these scraps of papers are stories within themselves, begging for context. Now I’m inspired to purchase even more ex-library books, from all over the world if possible, to see what other Easters eggs they may contain…and what stories could come of them.

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