Instead of Writing 002: When She Cries

There’s a notable lack of NaNoWriMo wrap-up posts over the past few days. That’s because life interrupted my original plans. Sorry.

But yesterday I was able to get back on the writing bandwagon and churned out a couple thousand words in the story. I also fell in love with it all over again because I now have a clearer picture of where it’s going.

When I decided to call it an evening, I was struck with a teeny bit of insomnia. Instead of cracking open the netbook to write some more, I grabbed a sheet of copy paper and my pen and did a doodle of one of my main characters.

Her (temporary) name is Elestine. She’s not human. However, she’s lost all memory of who and what she truly is and why she’s where she is. And there’s a scene in the story where she cries…putting a point of her not-normal-ness since her tears aren’t exactly liquid. That was the inspiration for the illustration.


And because I wanted to illustrate a few aspects of her physical appearance, I decided to add a splash of colour. (The scan is horrid. I’m sorry.)


Yes, her hair and eyes and lips are a greyish blue colour. And yes, I’m aware that those also should have been giveaways of her not-normal-ness, but it’s complicated…and, I hope, properly handled in the story.

Finally, the feathers. No, she is not an angel. However, the feathers do offer a clue as to where she’s from.

Here’s hoping that I can get a couple thousand more words written today.


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