I Am Writing a Novel. Hoozah!

My Official Writing Blog (the hard copy) Cover From My Official Writing Blog (the hard copy) dated 03.13.11

I know I’ve said it before, that I have six (or maybe eleven) unfinished manuscripts trapped in a cobwebbed Banker’s Box cluttering up my office closet.

I know that I’ve tormented my sister with countless stories of which she’ll (probably) never know the end.

But this time will be different. For really.

Come hell or high water, this novel will be written.

How can I be so certain? I’ve started a blog. I have told the world about this endeavor which makes me accountable (to the whole 1.2 people who will likely ever read this).

I’m not even sure why this is so hard a task because I’ve already done it before…and I was only 12 then. OK, the writing was crap and the plot was clichéd, but at least I finished.

So, yeah, hell or high water.

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