A Turn Has Been Taken

My Official Writing Blog (the hard copy) Cover From My Official Writing Blog (the hard copy) dated 03.14.11

My sister woke me up this morning because I was supposed to read her the next chapter in the story. Luckily she’d just gotten off work and felt tired so she gave me an extension ‘til she woke.

I’d much rather have gone back to sleep, but no amount of bodily readjustment could get me back there.  So…I got up, pulled out the notebook (did I neglect to mention that I’m writing this behemoth longhand?) and wrote the next chapter.

Random Uninteresting Fact: the chapter I wrote today had the exact number of words as the previous chapter. And I wasn’t even trying.

When I finished, Multiple Idea Syndrome struck me down momentarily. After I came ‘round, my story’s ending had completely changed, my characters suddenly had layers, and I was a little bit more in love with my project.

Oh, and somehow it decided it needed a companion. For now I’ll let Book 2 take care of itself.

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